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How to Install Yoast SEO on WordPress?

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How to use Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress site?

It is not almost having an internet site and other people start reading it. Building a successful blog or website are some things beyond. Something that needs you to research on your contents and makes them visible in search. Quality contents with relevant titles and keywords increase the prospect of more traffic to your site. This whole process is named program Optimization. it’s essential to think about SEO facts while writing any content online. What if a specific plugin does this job for you. When it involves SEO of your WordPress site, no plugin does it better than the Yoast SEO plugin. Its scintillating features can lookout of just about every single SEO issue.

Why Yoast SEO?

When it involves choosing a WordPress SEO plugin, there are many options to settle on from. Before we dive into its integration, allow us to discuss why exactly one should choose this particular one.

How to install

Installing Yoast SEO is simply like all other regular plugin installations. you’ll either download it from the WordPress plugin directory and upload the zip file (via the Plugins menu) then install and activate the plugin manually. you’ll also install it by searching ‘Yoast SEO’ within the ‘add new plugin’ page of the dashboard.

How to found out Yoast SEO


First of all, you’ve got to configure Yoast plugin. you’ll find different menu items on the Yoast Dashboard. Open the overall tab, then open the configuration wizard.


After opening the configuration wizard, you’ve to supply different information regarding your website alongside the way from one to 10 different windows. These windows included fixing the Environment, Site type, Company or Person, Social Profiles, Post Types Visibility, Multiple Authors, Google Search Console and Title Settings.


Click on the amount or click next at rock bottom to travel to the subsequent page and provides the required information. On the very next to General, you’ll find Features. attend the Features tab and make changes as you would like. you’ll enable or disable different features here.


Yoast requires a number of your information very similar to something you gave while configuring the plugin. Find the Your Info tab right next to Features within the Yoast Dashboard. Click thereon and provides the proper information within the right place.


Since SEO is about search engines, Yoast allows you to use Webmaster tools to bridge your site with search engines. to line these up, click the Webmaster tools tab and provides appropriate values within the respective places.


In the final a part of Yoast setup, you’ve got the choice to enable or disable the Advanced section of the plugin. Click on the safety and do as you would like. Note, the advanced part is merely recommended for experienced users.


How Yoast Works in Your Posts

Yoast does an excellent job together with your posts. It analyzes your content while you’re writing/adding a post so as to publish. Right below the WordPress text editor box, you’ll find the Yoast SEO tools. Yoast checks the readability and suggests required modifications to your post. It also tells you about the suggested modification areas during a post. Yoast SEO plugin takes care of the focused keywords and checks the keyword density and keyword placements. Adding meta descriptions consistent with different devices and checking the uses of keywords in them also are checked here.


Yoast SEO enhanced your chance for more traffic to your site. Integration of Yoast SEO plugin is that the best thanks to ensuring an excellent WordPress SEO performance. Its functionalities and simple uses would cause you to fall crazy with it. I wish you a successful SEO on your site.

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